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We provide practical online solutions to create customised professional websites, strengthen your brand, create qualifies leads to maximise sales and convert interest into sales.

In addition theartistree has a range of plans for ‘Life After Launch’ so your website is maintained as well as meeting your security, SEO and marketing requirements.

Website development that provides presence in search engines and engages with your target market to best promote your products and services.

Organic SEO

Setup your website to generate qualified leads for your business by adhering to Google’s SEO Guidelines. Push to page 1 position 1 in search engines and maximise exposure. 


We create website content that engages with your audience, enhance your marketing reach with email newsletter (EDM) campaigns, and manage Google Ad campaigns. Detailed monthly reports included

Website Customisation

Custom solutions to combine systems and/or third party add ons, add in new functions or simply develop a new form or content. Whatever you need we can facilitate.

Google Ad Campaigns

Theartistree specialities in pay per click Google Ad Campaign advertising. We do the research, setup your Ad Campaigns and monitor it weekly for best conversion and use of your budget. 

Google Analytics

Create and integrate a Google Analytic (GA4) account into your website to get real time statistics to know your customers and maximise your marketing budget. Knowledge is power!


Theartistree has been creating memorable brands for over two decades that relate to your target market and lift the profile of your business building consumer confidence and trust.

Marketing Reports

With out higher tier (CheckMate SEO) Marketing packages we provide detailed monthly reports. With no lock in contract we are highly motivated to product immediate and long term success.

Web Optimisation

Keep your website system, template, functions, page speed, security and server functions up to date each month with our website maintenance plans.


Our functionality intergration is limitless


We make the process easy and lightweight


Fast personalised support all day every day


We have our finger on the pulse to innovate

Have an idea?

Let’s discuss, map it out and bring it to life!
We specialise in making the ‘not sure’ possible!

Our Goals

Theartistree’s goal is to provide our valued clients with quality customer service, a return on your investment, provide clear communication, and qualified leads within a set timeline.

Years in business

theartistree was established in 2004


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With an average of 16 websites a year

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