About Us

Who are we?

About us

Founded in 2004 theartistree uses the leading online products to custom build your online entity in line with the current Google Guidelines, for a best user experience that showcases your products and services converting interest into sales.

Over the years we have achieved impressive search engine rankings and a phenomenal amount of qualified leads helping business to grow from the most diverse range of industries and demographics.

- Theartistree.. Creative Agency


What are we made of?

We are a normal everyday team of creative and strategically minded people that like to work hard to meet expectations, have a high level of communication and have a great amount of fun along the way.

Why do we do it?

Besides loving seeing others achieve, grow and live outstanding lives, we believe that if we do what we do well and help other succeed professionally we’ll in turn form trusted long term business relationships. With no lock in contract we are motivated to meet expectations and continue on succeeding with you.

What we achieve

With over 20 years of experience in the creative industry and a great deal more collectively, we simply use a trusted process that works. Over many years as the industry has become an industry, we have formulated a structured process that takes care of the monthly requirements your business needs in conjunction with an overlaying 12 month calender of set tasks to generate qualified leads, stay up to date, stay safe and secure, create content, reach out to existing and new customers and have transparency (accountability) to report statistics and strategically evolve your business over the course of each year.

Your website build is just the first step, we are here to take care of the Life After Launch!

Meet The Team


Owner Director | Senior Developer


Project Manager & Communications

theartistree websites are

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Designed and Adaptable to all Screens and Devices
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Safe and Secure
with Realtime Firewall Security
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Easy to Navigate to Encourage Return Customers
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Setup in line with the Google Guidelines to Rank in Google

Have an idea?

Let’s discuss, map it out and bring it to life!
We specialise in making the ‘not sure’ possible!

Our Goals

Theartistree’s goal is to provide our valued clients with quality customer service, a return on your investment, provide clear communication, and qualified leads within a set timeline.

Years in business

theartistree was established in 2004


Websites built

With an average of 16 websites a year

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